Portable mic booth

Portable mic booth

Date:18 December 2017 | Author: Admin
portable mic booth

We love it and it gets lots of use. Its not very often that you get a real caring person when you call a company to place an order. Assembly was easy. All of our expectations were exceeded

CTV Canadas largest private broadcasting company used five WhisperRooms to broadcast the Winter Games in Montreal using WhisperRooms. I could not find any company that would sell me an item with the specs that I had. I wanted to thank you for our WhisperRoom. Every aspect of this product has been more than exceptional so far. The WhisperRoom is working well for us and has most certainly added to the clean sound we were looking for. It works spectacularly My clients like the clean voice tracks Im now able to send and I like the fact that I can jump and perform voice work without having to shut down all my noisy equipment. was amazing

For a long time we had our hosts doing VO work on our set using the lavalieres they use on the air. We love our WhisperRooms Using WhisperRooms allows us to cater to a wide variety of musicians needs. Since then our company has grown not only in size and exposure but in the amount of work we had to do. At first we were confused about not getting the casters but we realized that we did not order them. The assembly team stated that the pictures were extremely helpful. Well even compile all the videos on a DVD for you. And come on who really wants a blender as a present Instead let your guests give you something fun like a topoftheline ShutterBooth package. Its exactly what our application called for. It is very functional and yet so simple to put together. Delivery and setup went fine our Student Assistants were able to put them together no problem. Just like the first one. We are very pleased with the entire process with WhisperRoom. in my continuity book as a company with whom to do business talk about above and beyond customer serviceChoose An Application To Learn About Our Solutions And MethodsAll went great Delivery was perfect and assembly was done by three of us in one evening. I wish more companies had their stuff together like you guys

You sell a top quality product at a reasonable price and you care about your customers requirements. The WhisperRoom has been a great addition to the Media Production Center at County College of Morris. See YouTube Video made by Kevin Parrish at NBC NewsThe WhisperRoom is working out very well. I appreciate your patience in helping Poquet lakeville me decide what to order. My experience has been nothing short of fantastic Delivery was exceptional. Thank You for a great product and service. Quiet poway petco is the operative word for WhisperRoom and it. It is now all set up and the acoustics in this thing are awesome porter cable 38305 Im amazed at the quality of workmanship the professional appearance and the great sound of your product. There is just a little bit of final wiring needed before we are up and running. Everyone has the option of purchasing prints and even sharing photos at no cost on Facebook and Twitter or through email

portable mic booth

The WhisperRoom booth potbelly laurel md is very qui. The improvement in quality of our audio recordings is very noticeable. Booth assembly is very easy and the interior is easily customizable to meet different sound needs. Drummers with motivation in the morning among others can definitely benefit from your WhisperRooms Looking forward to my next upgrade Thanks again. This is my second WhisperRoom. I wanted to share a YouTube video that we made at our temporary filed shop in St

In all my time building studios wiring installing gear etc. A modular approach to waste heat recovery from hot exhaust gases RepoTherm keeps costs low and simplifies pointofuse installation. The assembly was simple the easy to understand instructions made the job quick and painless. WhisperRoom Sound Isolation Enclosures are used all over the world as broadcast booths and for podcasting. I intend to get LOTS of use out of my WhisperRoom

Any questions No Portrait simple natick problem wed love to chat with you. Everyone has commented on how much better our narrator. The white glove delivery was flawless for the WhisperRoom. The assembly team stated that the pictures portland maine temp agency were extremely helpful. was amazing. The quality and workmanship is a work of art. It is the perfect solution to the problem I was having which is noise from my upstairs and downstairs neighbors in addition to vehicle traffic noise from outside. You have a great product I cant say enou. As a matter of fact I did all of the assembly myself except getting some assistance when placing the door on its hinges. I couldnt have asked for better. Elecraft OnAir NetsThe WhisperRoom is exactly what I expected and I love itThe WhisperRoom is amazing

portable mic booth

The improvement in quality of our audio recordings is very noticeable. They havent really seen anything as good as this that was portable as well. Its not very often that you get a real caring person when you call a company to place an order. I love my WhisperRoom I am recording audio books postbac premed programs and the quality of the recording is so much better since Portland aerial tram hours I invested in a WhisperRoom

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    Hope you enjoy. Its also an inspiring place. The festivities were attended by many people and the noise was loud so we were somewhat scared but the truth is that we are very pleased with the result. As you can see by the photos we had a great time with the assembly

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